Re-opening my Patreon account

I am re-opening my Patreon account to invite you to support the writing of my ‘The Forgotten Gods’ book series. This aims to re-imagine the myths of the ancient British Gods and Goddesses from existing Welsh and Irish sources and to tell the story of how they were forgotten due to the Roman invasions, Christianity, industrialisation, science and capitalism, and to provide a vision of the future in which their worship is restored.

Your support will help me buy more time for writing and you will receive exclusive excerpts and other rewards.

There are three tiers:

News from Peneverdant (£2.50): You will receive a quarterly newsletter sharing how my ‘The Forgotten Gods’ series is progressing, an excerpt, and general news.

Excerpts from the Mist (£4.00): You will receive my newsletter and fortnightly excerpts from my ‘The Forgotten Gods’ series.

Mythic Books (£10.00): You will receive my newsletter, a fortnightly excerpt, and your name in my books along with free signed copies.

You can sign up HERE.