Gwyn ap Nudd Devotional Pendant

As a symbol of my of lifetime dedication to Gwyn ap Nudd I commissioned this beautiful silver pendant from Emily Brunner. The image is based on Gwyn’s appearance as a ‘Bull of Conflict’ in the medieval Welsh poem ‘The Conversation of Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwyddno Garanhir’: ‘I come from battle and conflict / With a shield in my hand; / Broken is the helmet / By the pushing of spears.’ Emily was inspired to craft it in the style of Iron Age metalwork and the addition of the two Cwn Annwn ‘Hounds of Annwn’ (who mirror my guides) was her idea. She was a pleasure to work with and I am immensely proud of the outcome. Putting it on for my morning and evening devotions to Gwyn makes me very happy.

gwyn ap nudd pendant small