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A collection of reviews of books that might be of interest to other polytheists and pagans.

Paganism and Polytheism

Old Gods, New Druids by Robin Herne
Bard Song by Robin Herne
The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens by Morgan Daimler
Brigid: Meeting the Goddess of Poetry, Forge and Healing Well by Morgan Daimler
Brigantia: Goddess of the North by Sheena McGrath
Spirituality Without Structure by Nimue Brown
When a Pagan Prays by Nimue Brown
Your Face is a Forest by Rhyd Wildermuth
A Kindness of Ravens by Rhyd Wildermuth
Witches in a Crumbling Empire by Rhyd Wildermuth

Mythology and Folklore

Scotland’s Merlin by Tim Clarkson
Snowdonia Folk Tales by Eric Maddern
If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie
Desiring Dragons by Kevan Manwaring
Words of Re-Enchantment by Anthony Nanson


Glossing the Spoils by Charlotte Hussey
Creatures by Greg Hill
Soul of the Earth edited by Jay Ramsay
Places of Truth by Jay Ramsay
A Dance with Hermes by Lindsay Clarke
Silver Branch by Kevan Manwaring