On this page you will find links to my reviews of books on paganism, polytheism, mythology, folklore, poetry, storytelling, and works of fiction. These are all titles that I would recommend.

Paganism and Polytheism

Morgan Daimler, The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens, (Moon Books, 2014)
Morgan Daimler, Brigid: Meeting the Goddess of Poetry, Forge and Healing Well, (Moon Books, 2016
Nimue Brown, Spirituality Without Structure, (Moon Books, 2013)
Robin Herne, Old Gods, New Druids, (O Books, 2009)
Rhyd Wildermuth, Your Face is a Forest, (Lulu, 2014)
Rhyd Wildermuth, A Kindness of Ravens, (Lulu, 2016)
Sheena McGrath, Brigantia: Goddess of the North, (Lulu, 2016)

Mythology and Folklore

Eric Maddern, Snowdonia Folk Tales, (The History Press, 2015)
Greg Hill, Creatures, (Nant Publications, 2014)
Kevan Manwaring, Desiring Dragons, (Compass Books, 2014)
Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted, (September Publishing, 2016)
Tim Clarkson, Scotland’s Merlin, (John Donald Publishers Ltd, 2016)

Poetry and Storytelling

Anthony Nanson, Words of Re-Enchantment, (Awen Publications, 2011)
Charlotte Hussey, Glossing the Spoils, (Awen Publications, 2012)
Jay Ramsey (ed), Soul of the Earth, (Awen Publications, 2010)
Lindsay Clarke, A Dance with Hermes, Awen Publications, 2016)
Robin Herne, Bard Song, (Moon Books, 2012)


Nimue Brown, When We Are Vanished, (Snow Books, 2016)