The Old North

A selection of writings on  Yr Hen Ogledd ‘The Old North’. This name refers to the Brythonic-speaking kingdoms of northern Britain and southern Scotland from the post-Roman period until they fell to Anglo-Saxon and Scottish rule. These posts focus on our little-known Brythonic lore and my visits to sites of significance.

The Thirteen Treasures of the North

1. The Sword of Rhydderch
2. The Hamper of Gwyddno
3. The Horn of Brân
4. The Chariot of Morgan
5. The Halter of Clydno
6. The Knife of Llawfrodedd
7. The Cauldron of Dyrnwch
8. The Whetstone of Tudwal
9. The Coat of Padarn
10, 11. The Vat and Dish of Rhygenydd
12. The Chessboard of Gwenddolau
13. The Mantle of Arthur
Myrddin’s Museum

The Thirteen Treasures of the North

Old Northern Travels

The Old North from Peneverdant
Forgotten Arfderydd and the Hearsay of Corvids
Nith’s Estuary
Coille Coire Cuilc: Seeking Annwn in Caledon
Teyrnllwg: A Bright Kingdom Slips Away Like Dust
Dumbarton Rock
Glasgow Cathedral and the stories of Kentigern, Teneu and Lailoken
Hoddom and Brydekirk: The Fire of the Gods Endures
Maelawr Gawr and Gwerthmwl Wledig: Pen Dinas in Retrospect
Dogs of Carlisle
Din Eidyn and Drunken Catraeth
The Two Birds of Gwenddolau

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