Porth Annwn

‘Porth Annwn’ means ‘Door of the Otherworld’. Here you will find a collection of writing documenting my research into literary representations of Annwn and my personal explorations and interactions with its deities.

The Spoils of Annwn

Riddles and Howling Monks
Caer Ochren: The Birth of Pen Annwn and the Silver-Headed Beast
Song of the Brindled Ox
Caer Vandwy and the Theft of the Brindled Ox
Caer Golud: The Guts of Annwn
Caer Wydyr: Seeing Beyond the Glass Fort
Caer Rigor and the Closed Door
The Theft of the Cauldron
The Head of Annwn Addresses Arthur’s Raiding Party
Caer Vedwit: The Fortress of the Mead-Feast and its Revolutions
Not Getting to Caer Siddi: Sea-Fortresses, Warships and Prisoners of War
The Changing Faces of Caer Siddi
Porth Annwn

Los Entering the Grave by William Blake, 1820