Local Lore

Lancashire Folklore

Lancashire Boggarts
Penwortham Fairy Funeral
The Black Dog of Preston
The Edge of the Dark
Lancashire’s Last Wolf

Faerie Gate, Fairy Lane


Greencroft Valley
Castle Hill
Fish House Brook
Penwortham Priory and the Rule of St Benedict

The Dwellers in the Water Country

The Dwellers in the Water Country
Penwortham Lake Dwelling
The Hunting of Horace the Elk
Walton-le-Dale Mesolithic Blade Industry
The Broadgate Polished Stone Axe
The Water Country’s Severed Heads
Remembering Penwortham Marsh
They Died With Hazel – Sacrifices to Nodens in the Water Country?


The River Syke
Lost Watercourses and Resacredization
Lost Wells and Watercourses of Priest Town
Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston