Gwyn ap Nudd

A selection of writings for my patron, Gwyn ap Nudd. Some voice my path as an awenydd devoted to him. Others explore his mythos as a divine warrior-huntsman, psychopomp, and ruler of Annwn ‘the not-world’ ‘the deep’ and its spirits: the fay and the dead and all who walk between.

Gwyn’s Apprenticeship

Glastonbury Tor, January 2013

Honouring Gwyn ap Nudd
Gwyn’s Apprenticeship and the Role of the Awenydd
Gwyn ap Nudd and the Spirits of Annwn: Remembering the Underworld Gods
Enchanting the Shadowlands
In the Shadow of the Tor
The Star-Strewn Pathway

Gwyn ap Nudd and the Old North

Pathway, Tockholes Wood

Gwyn ap Nudd and the Old North
Gwyn, Gwythyr and Creiddylad: A Story from the Old North
The Brightness beyond Endurance: Gwyn ap Nudd and the Battle of Arfderydd
Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwenddolau ap Ceidio, Bull Protector of Arfderydd
Gwyn ap Nudd and Brân ap Ywerydd: Five Brâns?
Gwyn ap Nudd, Meurig ap Careian and Elaeth the Poet
Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwallog ap Lleenog: One Brother Dies and the Other Lives On
Gwyn ap Nudd and Du y Moroedd: Travelling the Old North, Wales and Beyond


Llyn Cau

Cwn Annwn and the Passage of Souls
Memories of Gwyn’s Hunt in Culhwch and Olwen
Riding the White Horse
The Crossing of Gwyddno Garanhir
Gwyn ap Nudd and the Gwyllon: ‘Wyllt-ness’ and the Healing Power of Art
The Bull of Battle and the Great Horned Bull
Gwyn’s Feast