Annwn ‘the Deep’ is the Brythonic Otherworld. Below you will find my research on what is known about Annwn from medieval Welsh literature along with my personal explorations in journey-work and creative writing.

Signposts to Annwn



The Spoils of Annwn

E. Wallcousins 'In Caer Pedryvan' (1912) Wikipedia Commons

The Changing Faces of Caer Siddi
Not Getting to Caer Siddi
Caer Vedwit: The Fortress of the Mead-Feast and its Revolutions
The Theft of the Cauldron
Caer Rigor and the Closed Door
Caer Wydyr: Seeing Beyond the Glass Fort
Caer Golud: The Guts of Annwn
Caer Vandwy and the Theft of the Brindled Ox
Caer Ochren: The Birth of Pen Annwn and the Silver-Headed Beast
Riddles and Howling Monks

The Meadows of Defwy

The One Who Didn’t Go To The Meadows of Defwy
The Defwy – A Brythonic River of the Dead

The Battle of the Trees

In the Woodlands Beyond Caer Nefenhyr it Rains Nothing but Blood

Caer Nefenhyr

Three Soul Eaters

A Speckled Crested Snake
A Black Forked Toad
A Great Scaled Beast

A Speckled Crested Snake Large