In the Deep Excerpt – The Abyss (revised)

The boy fell,
the boy fell,
the boy fell

down into
the darkness
of the Abyss.

Since his birth
he had been

He didn’t
have a name. 
Long ago

he had left
his stomach
up above him

with his only
and their pain.


The safe warmth of his mother’s womb
and his sister there beside him
sharing an umbilical.

The flash
of a golden spearhead,
the golden gauntlets that tore them out.

His shining foe and a circle of bright gods.
A backdrop of dead dragons
and a starless sky.

The snapping
of the cord – their separation –
she carried up whilst he was cast down.

Then the endless falling their hearts
no longer beating 
as one.


The boy fell,
the boy fell, 
the boy fell

down into
the darkness
of despair.

Before he lost
his voice he
ceased screaming,

reaching out,
clinging onto
the thread.

his life was
nothing but

one long fall,
as the boy fell
he dreamt.

This is a revised version of the opening poem in the first part of my book in progress ‘In the Deep’. It gives voice to Vindos/Gwyn, the future King of Annwn, after his Dragon Mother has been killed and he has been ripped from her womb and cast into the Abyss.

Since the original I have decided that the book will take the form of a combination of poetry and short stories rather than prose as this fits better with the transmission of myth.

4 thoughts on “In the Deep Excerpt – The Abyss (revised)

  1. Roof Garden Kincaid says:

    I read it, then listened to you read it and then I read it again, this time aloud. I began to feel the falling and your ending line actually sort of woke me up! I want to hear of the boys dreams. I look forward to your story tellings. (I am a new reader of your work.)

  2. Aurora J Stone says:

    I understand the choice to write your work in poetry and short story. I have stories to tell, but I’m not a novelist. I write poetry and short narrative. I’m glad you found the form that fits you and the work you are doing on these myths. Go boldly forth to write and speak the truth about Gwyn and Annwn. I look forward to hearing more as you find your way along this path of discovery and sharing.

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