Online talk on the Prehistoric Archaeology of Chat Moss

Little Woolden Moss bog pool in silhouette at sunrise

Many thanks to those of you came along to my online talk on the Prehistoric Archaeology of Chat Moss, which covered the formation of the mossland and the lives of the prehistoric people who lived on its edges, including the haunting story of Worsley Man, a local bog body. For those unable to make it, the talk is now on You Tube HERE.

3 thoughts on “Online talk on the Prehistoric Archaeology of Chat Moss

  1. Ogden Fahey says:

    Very interesting Lorna, well presented!
    I’m always looking to find the link to the claims and stories I once found about Thorne marsh, not far from here, and bog body finds, but never get to see the original link – I think I must have been reading extrapolations about Amcotts Moor Woman – which is adjoining, shame I can’t find the original story, there was quite a bit of info and word of mouth kind of statements about how a foot was found, and sent off for study, but never returned or lost – as well as some tales from workers at the peat extraction, local reverend named and involved and what not!

  2. Rachel says:

    Very informative and well presented. I enjoyed learning about your bog lands and their history, even though I’m across the pond. Thanks.

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