‘Who was Worsley Man?’ published on GMEF blog

My re-imagining of the last moments of Worsley Man and article on his ritual execution and the deposition of his skull in a bog pool in the northern area of Chat Moss has been published on the Greater Manchester Environmental Fund blog HERE. GMEF is the organisation which gained the funding for my traineeship.

One of the perks of my job has been getting paid not only to do practical peatland restoration work but to research and write about the prehistoric archaeology of Chat Moss. I have also published an article on the Great Woolden Iron Age Hillfort Site HERE and will be giving an online talk and leading a guided walk on the subject early next year.

3 thoughts on “‘Who was Worsley Man?’ published on GMEF blog

  1. Ogden Fahey says:

    I was at the British Museum the other day looking at the Peru exhibition – it started out with a statement that they believed the past the present and the future were all in the same moment – it was a good way to begin thinking about such a different time and place. They had a head cult there too, it was all quite interesting. Anyhow, I think that today the past present and future are still relevant, just that we have seen so much change lately, its only recently we start to question if we might be going backwards as often as forwards – great articles as ever Lorna

  2. Greg Hill says:

    A fascinating story.

    Great that you are able to research and blog as well as doing peatland restoration as part of you paid work.

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