Three Peatland Poems and Book Sale on Gods & Radicals

Over the past three months three of my peatland poems have been published on Gods & Radicals – Erosion, The Stations of the Moss, and This Mossland Will Conquer.

My books are also part of a sale through Gods & Radicals HERE. It’s lovely to see them alongside books by other authors, who I admire. I would particularly recommend The Book of Onei by Christopher Scott Thompson, The Kindness of Ravens by Rhyd Wildermuth, and Gods Speaking by Judith O’Grady.

One thought on “Three Peatland Poems and Book Sale on Gods & Radicals

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Intriguing to think how – and how gradually – that trig point fell. They did begin removing them some time ago as they are no longer used for mapping, but bowed to pressure to leave them in place to weather at their own pace, as this one has done. I appreciated the link with Ysbaddaden, and the image of it as his tooth lying on the peat, and his tongue lost beneath it, is a nice touch.

    The idea of ‘Stations …’ introduces a pertinent counter-religious metaphor, linking the natural setting to a sacred context. The pictures in all the pieces are stunning, but I particularly liked the one of the sundew here.

    The Leland quote again introduces a vivid counter-contextual assertion of mossland dominance, putting your work in conservation and your work as an awenydd together in a congenial way!

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