Walking With Creiddylad

I have walked in Annwn
for long with you and your king.

I have sung of its spoils and despoiling,
tracked down its despoilers –

I have killed the knights,
the heroes, I have murdered Arthur

with the lonely bare hands of my songs.
I have felt my way back through the darkness

with broken finger bones with the help of the ghosts
of the witches, the giants, the ancient animals

to the apple tree in my garden beneath
which I will bury only the true king.

You and he my only sovereigns.
I have returned with blood on my face

to the innocent plants, the birds, the bees,
to learn to speak the languages

of small and intricate things.
I will walk with you through the summer

and learn of the scopa of mining bees,
the pollen baskets of honey bees,

styles, stigmas, stamens, the intimate
places of each of flower where they feed.

Together we will heal beyond the battlefields,
the battle of Summer and Winter Kings.

I will walk with you beautiful Creiddylad,
fly with you on butterfly wings.

This poem gives voice to my commitment to walk with Creiddylad, a Brythonic goddess of spring, flowers, birds, insects, and seasonal sovereignty through the summer months, whilst she is married to Gwythyr ap Greidol, Summer’s King, rather than mourning Gwyn ap Nudd, Winter’s King, who is sleeping his sleep of death in Annwn.

5 thoughts on “Walking With Creiddylad

  1. Aurora J Stone says:

    A very powerful statement – as it now frames your whole year in positive energy, not half spent in grief. Perhaps this has opened up for you as you have more deeply connected to the land and the gifts and wonders of the light world of Spring and Summer.

  2. Greg Hill says:

    ‘the languages / of small and intricate things’ speaks evocatively of the spells cast by the flowers of Summer, and flying on butterfly wings is a good way to learn them.

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