Ash Dieback and the Dying World Tree published on Gods & Radicals

My article ‘Ash Dieback and the Dying World Tree’ has been published on Gods & Radicals HERE.

‘In the Norse myths the great ash, Yggdrasil, is the World Tree. Its image is one of ecological integrity. Ash dieback, a disease of the European ash, has both profound ecological and mythological implications.’

Although I am a Brythonic polytheist, in this piece, I speak of my experiences of the Norse tradition in the Lancashire landscape through ceremonies with seidr man Runic John and my handful of encounters with the Norse gods, who I feel called me to write it.

It also feels relevant as I have been involved with the Woodland Welfare Project as a conservation intern at Brockholes Nature Reserve. This aims to manage ash dieback by removing dying trees, saving resistant trees, and tree planting to improve diversity.

3 thoughts on “Ash Dieback and the Dying World Tree published on Gods & Radicals

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Some suggestive parallels between ash die-back and the health of Yggdrasill (‘terrible horse’ ridden by Odinn) as the World Tree.

    Walking through my local woodland recently I noticed that several trees had been felled and left lying. They all seemed to be ash trees so I presume it was because of the disease. I know its generally good to leave fallen trees to decompose in woodlands. But I wondered if they should have been removed to stop the disease spreading, or if its OK to leave them there?

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