I have books for sale and a Patreon account

Hello lovely people who read and follow this blog. As we prepare to enter another lockdown in the UK, which is likely to lead to outdoor volunteering being cancelled and thus my path into paid work in conservation being delayed, again, I’m giving a shout out for my books and Patreon account.

The money I earn from Patreon plus occasional book sales has helped me keep my head above the water through these difficult times. I currently live with my parents, who provide my room and food in exchange for doing the housework, shopping, and gardening, so I am reasonably secure. But without the additional money I wouldn’t be able to afford toiletries, clothes, dentist, medicines, bike repairs, or any books for my studies.

Although researching and writing are essential to my path as an awenydd and one of the main ways I serve my gods it is only because of the encouragement of having patronage that I continue to keep the commitment of posting on this blog so regularly (at least once a week).

So if you enjoy my work maybe you would consider becoming a patron HERE?

For £2.50 you receive my monthly newsletter, ‘News From Peneverdant’, where you find out about how I’m progressing with my creativity and conservation work behind the scenes along with snippets from my personal life.

For £4.00 you receive my monthly newsletter and a crazy thing.

For £7.50 you receive my monthly newsletter, a crazy thing, and access to unseen work.

For £11.00 all the above and your name in my books.

For £15.00 all the above and free signed books.

You can also support me by buying my books, Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. All three are available digitally through Gods & Radicals HERE. I also have 23 print copies of Gatherer of Souls left and they are available for postage in the UK only HERE.

You’ve got all my books? Maybe you could tell a friend about them? I rely solely on this blog and word of mouth for book sales as I don’t do social media for a combination of ethical and mental health reasons.

Thanks in advance to anybody who offers to support me in any way as well as to my current supporters without whom this blog would not exist in its current form. Your help is deeply appreciated as we head into the bleak midwinter…

3 thoughts on “I have books for sale and a Patreon account

  1. Thornsilver says:

    Reblogged this on Starstruck Awenydd and commented:
    Signal boosting to help if I can. I’ve benefited so much from Lorna’s work and my blog wouldn’t be here in its current form without her. If any of my followers are able, I’d encourage you to support her if you can, whether financially or by sharing this post.

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