My Lady of the Autumn Flowers

let me ride with you
into the sunset of calendula.
Let me weep Michaelmas daisies
in the purple of dusk.

Let me ride the mountains
to gather wolfsbane in a distant land
where it was spat from the jaws
of a monstrous hound.

Let me sit and count violas
so delicate as you count the days
down until you leave for the place
from which flowers come.

The Summer King is dead.
Your coffin is waiting in Annwn.
It shall be adorned with flowers.
The Winter King awaits.

We both hear on the crystal wind
the baying of his hounds –
call of the otherplace
growing stronger and stronger.

Let me ride with you
these last moons see your face
in the faces of flowers marking the days
until you return to Annwn.

4 thoughts on “My Lady of the Autumn Flowers

  1. Tiege McCian says:

    Nice poem! Flowers as natural daytime phenomena sets the mood for an excursion to meet the people of the otherworld.

    My favorite lines are:
    “The Summer King is dead.
    Your coffin is waiting in Annwn.”

    Such morbid imagery, but appropriate for the Halloween season. Poor Summer King gets so little love…

    Summer King or Winter King, I’d be obliged to either one who can get rid of these stupid instagram “influencers” who’re ruining the fam’s trips to the park! Idiot fakers don’t want to go outside and would never leave their homes except to post fall pics to Instagram and failing bid to be internet famous.

    Thank you for making your poetry available!

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