The Mad Science of Gwydion


My most recent post on Gods & Radicals HERE is a poem about Gwydion, the Welsh magician god, and the shift from the woodland knowledge of gwydd to gwyddoniaeth ‘science’ which has played a role in our current ecological crisis (with accompanying notes on the mythic background).


2 thoughts on “The Mad Science of Gwydion

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Gwydion as a mad scientist 🙂

    I think the dichotomy between gods of culture and gods of Annwn is an ingenious way of diagnosing our current collision course to environmental catastrophe. Cutting across, as it does, the more conventional distinction between gods of culture and gods of nature (one which allows – in more wholesome circumstances – a more fruitful interaction) it highlights a cosmic dimension to the conflicts we face and the choices of allegiance that we cannot avoid making.

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