Patron Rewards for February

Snowdrops Walton Park

Patron rewards for February have been mailed out to my supporters on Patreon. In my monthly newsletter I discuss the unseasonable shift in the weather from snow and ice to walking round in shorts and a t-shirt after a temperature rise of twenty degrees and my concerns about another summer of drought combining with Brexit. I also share how my relationships with my gods and working with myths has helped me through the testing time of my umbilical hernia repair operation and a consequent infection.

This month’s crazy thing is a poem based on a vision of ‘the Book of the Living Hand’, which I intuited contained some of the names of the spirits of Annwn and was used to invoke them. It belonged to ‘the Magician of the Orme’ (the Great Orme) and he sacrificed his hand to close it. Whether this has any basis in history or lore or is purely a fiction I’ve been inspired to write remains to be investigated…

In ‘Unseen Work’ I share the story of Daronwy, ‘the Oak of Goronwy’, the Brythonic World Tree. This is written in the voice of Y Darogan Annwn and tells of its planting by the Mother of Annwn, the wars between the gods, and its impending destruction by humanity.

You become a supporter of my work on Patreon and sign up to receive these rewards HERE.


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