Agor y Porth

I come from here
to go there.

From Thisworld
to Annwn

from the living
to the dead

hear my call.
Gods, spirits,

ancestors all
I pledge to you

my heart in service,
surrender to you

my soul.
By the breath

we share
by the divine Awen

agor y porth
open the door.

Porth Annwn Medium

2 thoughts on “Agor y Porth

  1. angharadlois says:

    Love this. Also love the image of meadow cranesbill on your header – I spent a whole afternoon meditating with these flowers last summer & the visions I received were all about receiving visions and messages from the otherworlds and finding ways to bring them into thisworld through communication, pen and tongue. All of which seems so apt for your writing.

    • lornasmithers says:

      Thank you. I definitely agree there’s something mystical about crane’s bill although I can’t sit in meadows too long because of my hay fever. Your insights have certainly made that clearer.

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