Awenydd Definition

Annuvian Awen - Awen Ac Awenydd

Over the past few months Greg Hill, Lia Hunter, and I have been working on a definition of the awenydd path for Awen & Awenydd. Greg has done the mainstay of the work with input from myself and Lia and feedback from the contributors to the site.

An awenydd is a spirit worker and inspired poet in the Brythonic tradition.’

  The entirety of our definition, ‘Walking the Deep Ways’, can be read HERE.


2 thoughts on “Awenydd Definition

  1. Melas the Hellene says:

    Thanks for this. I had been curious about the meaning of the word for some time. I knew it had to do with the bards, but now I have learned it was also related to oracular work. The Celtic ‘uates’ gives a good sense. May the Celtic ways and languages always live & thrive!

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