Prayer: A Little Window

Following Anna Applegate’s comment on the lack of discourse on prayer in the Pagan communities I’ve decided to share a little window into my prayer life. I’ve never done this before because, rather than saying set prayers, I simply speak to the gods and spirits from the heart. These are examples of heartfelt words rather than literary masterpieces. I’d be interested to hear from others about their daily prayers.

Altars April 2018 II


Spirit of this house
Spirits of Greencroft Valley
Spirits of this land on which I stand
I give thanks to you.

Lady of the Marsh
Lady of the sacred hill of Penwortham
Lady of the wells now lost
I give thanks to you.

Belisama, Goddess of the Ribble, flowing
from Gavel Gap through Settle, Clitheroe, Ribchester
bringing your gift of sacred waters
I give thanks to you.

Nodens and the Weather Shapers
cloud-makers, wind-bringers
mist, fog, and rain-bearers
I give thanks to you.

Gwyn ap Nudd
first amongst my gods my forever patron
who leads the dead and living to Annwn
I give thanks to you.


Gwyn ap Nudd,
Lord of Annwn,
Guide of Souls,
Light of the Mist,

God who dwells
in the Otherworld yet
close as my heartbeat
close as my breath*

grant me guidance
from Annwn’s dark heart

and inspiration
from Annwn’s deep depths.

As I walk each step
in service to you.

(Followed by a recital of the Annuvian Awen and a meditation, journey, or divination).


Gwyn ap Nudd
Gatherer of Souls
Walker Between Worlds

God who guides the dead
God who walks the brink of madness
God who contains the fury
of the spirits of Annwn

I come to you in awe and reverence
I come to you in love and service.

Let us share our journeys…

(Followed by communion with Gwyn)


Nodens Lord of Dreams
God of that deep and absurd world
that I vow to remember the next morning
before it slips from my mind with
the waters of forgetting

I give thanks for the joy of sleeping
I give thanks for the joy of dreaming

and these were last night’s dreams…

Nodens Lord of Dreams
guide me in this night of deep dreaming.

*Phrase borrowed from Greg Hill.

7 thoughts on “Prayer: A Little Window

  1. Aurora J Stone says:

    These prayers have real power, springing as they do from the heart and soul of your devotional practise life pathwalking. When I was doing Anglican church things, my favourite office was Compline. It is a gentle rite that atunes one to coming of night. I’ve not managed well to do devotions in the two decades since, other than speaking words of gratitude. and sending healing prayers to those who have been brought to my attention who may require them. It is something I feel is lacking in my life and which I am endeavouring to rectify. Thank you for this ‘little window’ into your devotions.

  2. katakhanas says:

    Thank you for giving us a wondrous glimpse into your rich Inner World. And I hope you will consider contributing to Isis-Seshat journal again in the future. Blessings!

  3. Greg says:

    Thanks for sharing your prayers. Like you I often speak from the heart on my daily visits to my garden shrine or when sitting quietly by my dedicated space in the house. But it’s always good to have a form of words ready too, and as you know I have a number of more formal prayers and addresses which I use on particular occasions.

    My devotions for Rigantona are usually preceded by communing with Mererid as Guardian of the garden shrine area where i have both a solar-powered fountain a horse statuette and a specially planted rose bush. You know these things but they are recorded here as part of sharing with other readers too.

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