Devotional Poetry

Devotional Poetry

My article on ‘Devotional Poetry’ in the Brythonic tradition has been published on the Dun Brython blog. I’m going to be running a workshop on devotional poetry on Sunday the 23rd of July at the Wood Spirit Camp at Humphrey Head Outdoor Centre near Grange-over-Sands. For more information see my events page.

Dun Brython

Devotional poetry is defined by the Oxford Reference Library as ‘poetry expressing religious worship or prayer’.

Whereas the mainstream religions possess many centuries of continuous material, within Brythonic polytheism we have no ancient devotional poetry. This is because the Druids and Bards who maintained the religious traditions of Britain and their predecessors did not write anything down.

The names of the Brythonic deities are known only through Romano-British inscriptions and texts and their symbolism through Roman statues. This provides evidence of their worship, yet yields few clues to the poems and stories that might have been performed in their honour.

Between the 4th and 7th centuries the Britons were Christianised. By the time the oral stories of the Brythonic gods and goddesses were penned by Christian scribes in medieval Wales they had been reduced to human-like characters albeit with magical attributes.

However, The Mabinogion and The Four Ancient Books of…

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