Voicing Place published on The Druid Network


My article ‘Voicing Place’ has been published on The Druid Network HERE as a result of winning the May content competition. It describes my experiential journey of building a relationship with the deities and spirits of my locality of Penwortham, Lancashire, and the surrounding area, and giving voice to their stories. It is illustrated by samples of my poetry.

The TDN content competition will be taking place every month and the prize is a T-Shirt. TDN are looking for unpublished material of 1-3,000 words on subjects relevant to Druidry for publication on the website. The competition is open to members only. You can join for £10 HERE.

2 thoughts on “Voicing Place published on The Druid Network

  1. I really will have to drop into TDN more often …. 🙂

    I have, of course, seen the poems before, but reading them in this sequence, and with the context you have given them here, they take on an intensity that is a very moving statement of your commitment to the place where you live and which lives in you and in this expressive evocation of its soul.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The TDN forum has been quite busy recently and I liked the fact that members are being encouraged to contribute. They’re also looking for reviewers and review books and revamping the reviews section.

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