The Giants With Us

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My article covering giants in Brythonic mythology has been published on Dun Brython.

Dun Brython

Brutus! There lies beyond the Gallic bounds
An island which the Western sea surrounds,
By giants once possessed, now few remain
To bar thy entrance or obstruct thy reign
Geoffrey of Monmouth

Giants appear in many world myths. In Indo-European mythology we find a common theme: they are primordial beings who are killed or restrained, then replaced, by the gods of culture. In the Hindu and Norse myths a giant (Purusa/Ymir) is slain and dismembered by the gods and the world is created from his body. The Titans of Greek mythology are overthrown and imprisoned in Tartarus by the Olympian gods. In Irish mythology, the Formorians (from fo ‘under’ and mór ‘great’ or ‘big’: ‘underworld giants’) are subdued and displaced by the Tuatha Dé Danann.

We find similar narratives in British mythology. In Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain, when Brutus arrives in Albion…

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