Shrewsbury Meetup

Write-up of our Dun Brython meet-up in Shrewsbury on Sat 22nd April.

Dun Brython

On Saturday 22nd April we held our annual Brython meetup. Members present were Greg, Lee, and myself. We chose Shrewsbury because of its location on a trainline in the midlands for accessibility, because it is on the Severn, and because Gerald of Wales claims that Shrewsbury was the centre of the Brythonic kingdom of Pengwern.

The weather was beautiful so we did business on the banks of the river Severn which is dedicated to the goddess Sabrina (it was earlier known as the Hafren and Sabrina as Habrena).

Habrena bless this Brython gathering
Held beside your flowing river
Which we bless with this offering
To your waters and your lands.

River Severn

When we made our offerings of words and mead the cruise boat ‘Sabrina goddess of the river’ passed.

Sabrina image

Sabrina Cruise Boat

We visited Shrewsbury castle, which may have been the site of the hall of the Cyndrwynyn, the rulers of Pengwern. Welsh literary…

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