Gods & Radicals Fundraiser – ‘Writing is Work’


The Gods & Radicals website has been running for over a year and a half and, up until now, all the work from writers and artists has been unpaid. This is changing…

Why Pay Writers?

Because all work has value.

Writing takes time. Writing is work. And in a system that prioritizes profit over creativity, the time and mental space to write is a luxury not everyone can afford. This is particularly true for those with families, those who are poor, and those with disabilities.

Writing for free is not a choice everyone can afford to make, and this affects the voices and perspectives we hear. Compensating our writers means more people can afford to write.’

Perks for donators include stickers, buttons, T-shirts from Alley Valkyrie, readings from Dr. Bones, life-time subscriptions to A Beautiful Resistance and books from Rhyd Wildermuth, Christoper Scott Thompson and myself.

You can find out more and make a donation HERE.

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