Inclusivity in Brythonic Polytheism

Like many people I’ve been shocked by the rise of racism after Brexit yet have found it encouraging that the pagan community are coming together to make a stand against discrimination. I’m a member of a small Brythonic polytheist group and am aware that a religion focusing on the deities of a specific culture has the potential to be insular and exclusive. With the support of other Brython members, I have written an article on ‘Inclusivity within Brythonic Polytheism’ on the Dun Brython blog HERE including a statement of our commitment to diversity and stance against discrimination.

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10 thoughts on “Inclusivity in Brythonic Polytheism

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Now, maybe some of the issue is racism, but for the vast majority it’s simple cultural preference. It’s England. People don’t want to live in Pakistan, Syria, Nairobi, Somalia, or where ever else these people are coming from. They want to live in England, where they were born and raised. They don’t want their country turning into a third world country because of migrants who don’t want to assimilate into the culture and norms. THIS is the key issue, the lack of assimilation, not necessarily the race of the person. No one would really care (except the true racists, and who gives a $h!t about them?) if these people were trying to assimilate and be a part of British culture.

    1. I am willing to bet all I have in the bank that none of the perpetrators of the recent spate of racist or xenophobic attacks have a clue about how assimilated their victims are. Some have been here all of their lives, and may be second or third generation british. These recent incidents are pure bigotry against people who simply look or sound different, Dont try to dress it up as something like wanting to repserve culture.

    2. We’re still talking about discrimination here. Discrimination based on assimilation to some idealised norm of ‘British culture’ is just as destructive and soul-destroying for the victims as discrimination based on race. One of the virtues of British society, on the whole, is not only its tolerance but celebration of multiculturalism. The recent attacks have been an assault both on racial diversity and multiculturalism and the views you cite above have led to them.

      1. thetinfoilhatsociety

        And the Muslim no go areas, the harassment of British women who dress like Westerners isn’t destructive and soul destroying???

    3. Gwenno

      I understand why people are frightened of change if it happens too fast, but attacking other people doesn’t help. It only makes it worse.

    4. If people are saying ‘it’s England’ they are already narrowing the focus of British identity, which has been formed over the centuries by a series of invasions, mixings and influences. Whatever we like, or don’t like, about the cultures of others, the positive thing is to celebrate what is meaningful to us and respect the pluralism of human experience which provides these contrasts with others. As polytheists we walk with our gods and know that others, equally validly, walk with theirs.

    5. …a few questions and clarifications:
      1. There is a lot more to Britain and the United Kingdom than merely ‘England’.
      2. Who are ‘these people’?
      3. What is ‘British culture’ and how should people assimilate into it?

      I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you (except for your over-emphasis on England – I’ve had a few too many people making nasty comments about my cultural identity, in the wake of the Brexit vote, and it seems my people – who gave this country its name – aren’t actually all that welcome on the wrong side of Offa’s Dyke at the moment). But it’s far too easy to start talking in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, and proposing a simple solution which seems like unarguable common sense. It’s not a simple situation, and there is no simple answer. What assimilation looks like for you will be very different from what it looks like for me. Until we really understand what we mean by these terms, we’re talking across purposes, and not really helping anyone.

      And no country ever stays the same from a person’s childhood to their old age.

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