Wasp in the Tissue Box

With summer’s arrival it’s been a blessing to be able to open my window and listen to the bird song. Unfortunately for the first time yesterday this brought the inevitable zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz: a curious incomer, a very large wasp.

I left my window open and having heard no zzzz for a while assumed the wasp was gone. I forgot all about it and went to bed.

Another unfortunate adjunct of summer for me is hayfever. Last night I awoke several times to blow my nose on a tissue from a box beside me on the window ledge.

When I got up this morning by the dawn light I saw the huge wasp sitting in the box beside my tissue! By sheer luck I had avoided an event that would have been painful for me and deadly to the wasp.

I put the wasp in the tissue box outside and the next time I looked it had gone.

P1150706 - Copy


2 thoughts on “Wasp in the Tissue Box

  1. Getting stung is never fun, so I’m glad you managed to avoid the wasp. I had to escort one off the premises on Thursday because the dogs were chasing it.

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