Uncertain Weather

snow-daffodils (Public Domain)

Sleet fell into my mouth last night.
I slept on a bed of snow and awoke
to find buried daffodils, white blurring
the morning traffic until I blinked sleep
from my eyes and the sun rose high.
I tore my jumper off but ended up
shivering, hot-cold, uncertainty
was a knife’s edge blistering
my insides. In my cupped hands
I held a tiny mouse born too soon:
a wish for the future. I sang to the storm
hymning itself, the arguments, the pain passing
from thisworld to the next like thunder and lightning.
I sang to my god of painless passing to have mercy
on this trembling thing. I prayed for wisdom.
I prayed for peace. I prayed for strength
to carry something small,
tiny heart beating like a broken hammer
into a more certain world where it could leap free,
live and scamper from the husk of its skin
with happy memories. I prayed as rain jarred my window
and sun’s beam broke through again.


3 thoughts on “Uncertain Weather

  1. That Darn White stuff just wont go off this year 😡 LOL Still, Inspiration for a marvelous verse, so I suppose it was worth it 🙂

  2. Touching poem about how uncertain everything is for all, large and small. I hope the little mouse made it…..

  3. The cumulative power of repeated phrases is well employed here to carry the rhythmic progression on to the final line’s resolution.
    As for the weather… Some sunshine today to carry us forward to Mayday.

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