The Douglas at High Tide

That strange tension between earth and moon spills fields of water
bigger than swimming pools: an ocean landscape
separating shore from shore.


Lapwings pour in an electric flash onto glimmering.
Skylarks shout aloud a beautiful blue sky.
Shelducks adopt a new island.


A pied wagtail walks like an inspector amongst the trash,
pink, blue and gold like treasure,
bottles pale as jellyfish.


Warton Aerodrome looks so far away
like plastic, Playmobile,
almost innocuous


but all the water in the ocean cannot separate us
from what man makes and the manmade
washing up on every shore.


3 thoughts on “The Douglas at High Tide

  1. wow.

    The Waters are able at any time to take back the land; bit by bit or in huge swathes. They certainly remember.

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