She stands at spring’s gate

When I awoke this morning it was misty so I decided to go for a walk.


Into my mind came the the words
she stands at spring’s gate.
I thought immediately of a particular blackthorn.


I wondered if she was leading me to a magical happening or idea for a poem.


But no, what she and the thrush had to say


was that a sycamore had been cut down.


6 thoughts on “She stands at spring’s gate

  1. Unfortunately it does seem to be the time of year when chainsaws come out, ivy gets pulled down, and the tidy up brigade gets busy. On the positive side I’ve seen bats flying in bright sunshine, twice recently 🙂

    1. Tell me about it. And the mowers! I saw the person who’d asked for that tree and another one to be cut down yesterday helping the council. She was a homeowner afraid their root structure wasn’t strong enough and they might fall on local houses 😦

  2. bumblebees are getting busy and the newts are headed to the pons outside the labs here, soon I will be doing daily scout looking for them 🙂

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