A Beautiful Resistance #2 Title and Contributors

The title and list of contributors to A Beautiful Resistance #2 have been announced by Rhyd Wildermuth on the Gods & Radicals website HERE today.

The title ‘The Fire is Here’ is borrowed from the title of an essay in the journal by Heathen Chinese. This inspired piece uses Walter Benjamin’s critique of progress and James Baldwin’s prophetic words to explain the recurrence of racism and fascism and calls each of us to take personal responsibility for history.

The structure of the journal has grown organically from the pieces as they have arranged themselves, clustering around the themes of fire, revolution, purification, struggle, love and our bond with the greenwood.

It’s been a pleasure and honour to work with each of the contributors. The process of editing the work of the writers, many of whom I admire, was rather terrifying but everyone has been lovely and it has all worked out beautifully.

I’m close to finishing my work on the manuscript now. Afterward it will be handed over to Rhyd and Li Pallas (cover artist) who will be handling the layout and design.


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