A Beautiful Resistance #2: Foreword by Emma Restall Orr and Pre-Orders

The deadline for A Beautiful Resistance #2 is today. As editor I’m experiencing the sensation of the hatches battening down as contributors send the last bright fireworks and leafy tendrils of their burgeoning words to the in-box.

Already I’ve received some beautiful, challenging and stirring pieces and feel honoured to have the opportunity to weave them into the narrative which will become A Beautiful Resistance #2.

I’m also massively excited to announce that Emma Restall Orr will be writing the Foreword. In her own words:

‘Emma Restall Orr is an English animist, anarchist and mystic, ever challenging the complacency of the Western mind, author of the pagan ethics Living with Honour, the animist metaphysics The Wakeful World, and other texts.’

I approached Emma because I admire her marriage of personal mystical experience with intellectual engagement with some of the most difficult texts of the Western European philosophical tradition. Living with Honour and The Wakeful World place Emma at the forefront of developing a green, animistic pagan philosophy. She is renowned for ethical living and sees ‘true anarchy’ ‘in sustainable, equitable and equable relationship’.

As the synthesis of personal relationships with deity(s) with philosophical, ethical and political theory alongside activism and lifestyle choice is very much at the heart of Gods & Radicals, I thought Emma would be a great person to have on board and am delighted she has agreed.

A Beautiful Resistance #2 is available to pre-order at a discount price HERE.

Other beautiful things include snowdrops and whooper swans, pink-footed geese, redshanks and many many more birds beneath an azure cloud-lit sky at the last remnant of Lancashire’s lost lake, Martin Mere.

P1140484 - Copy

P1140469 - Copy

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