Bluebells in Winter

Twelve nights have passed. The storms have subsided. The paths in the valley are no longer streams but pouring rivulets have stripped their stones to the pink.

This land has known darkness but not the coldness nor stillness of the winter solstice. There has been no sleep for the drumming water, the muddy turning of bulbs in sliding sheets.

P1130668 - Copy

Flag irises and sedges lie bruised and battered. Wet and rotting trees downed by winds are shelled with fungi. Already tiny leaves of celandine and garlic mustard, sprigs of cow parsley are emerging with shoots of… snowdrops? No. Spanish bluebells emerging in winter’s midst.

P1130652 - Copy

Four young apple trees (Dumelow’s Seedling, Blenheim, Northern Greening, Epicure) stand bleary, irritable, puddle-footed. With anyone who plants trees or raises children I question what kind of world we’re bringing them into.

P1130673 - Copy

The Wheel of the Year is broken as the bicycle wheel with snapped spokes I heave from the mud. Flown from its axle long ago when the gears of the mills wound up in a cloud of smoke.

Winter’s King sits tense on his throne, his hand on the arm of his beloved, as if it’s nearly May Day. It seems his rival has learnt to walk in the dark.

The only thing that feels certain is the constancy of litter: crisp wrappers, cider bottles, cellophane and cardboard take-away boxes, footballs, tyres. A blue bin-lid filled with slugs.

P1130662 - Copy


2 thoughts on “Bluebells in Winter

  1. On a walk a couple of days ago I came upon 28 Jackdaws. Nothing unusual about that, except that they had arranged themselves in 14 tight pairs, with a large gap between each. I’ve just checked and found that their breeding season shouldn’t start unti mid April. There’s also been quite a lot of bird song. Not just the Robins, who always start early, but great tits, woodpigeons, and some have reported blackbirds and thrushes. Apparently the jet stream is expected to shift soon though, and cold weather is expected from next week. Your writing is vivid as ever.

    1. I heard two robins, one on either side of a pathway, singing massive bold songs the other day – contending territory perhaps? And a blackbird singing his heart out on Peter’s roof. Doesn’t feel like January to anyone. Let’s hope we get back to ‘normal’ soon!

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