Editor of A Beautiful Resistance #2

CC. Alley Valkyrie

I’m very excited to announce I am going to be the editor of the next Gods & Radicals Journal: A Beautiful Resistance #2.

Gods & Radicals is a site and movement uniting pagans in a beautiful resistance to capitalism. It was set up by Rhyd Wildermuth and launched in spring this year. Since then it has been a source of radical thought and inspiration and force for change within paganism and the wider world.

I’ve followed Rhyd’s blog ‘Paganarch‘ for a couple of years and am in awe of his marriage of an intensely lived polytheism with a deep care for global issues and political theory. Rhyd has put an astounding amount of work into Gods & Radicals which is run as closely as possible to a worker’s collective. He’s also been through a lot of struggle to make the transition from full-time social work to earning a living from his vocation as a Bard of his gods.

Therefore I was delighted to hear Rhyd has been recognised as the #1 Pagan Who Made A Difference in 2015. And surprised and rather awestruck by the fact he asked me to be the editor of A Beautiful Resistance #2.

Last year my poem ‘Devil’s Bagpipes on Stoneygate’ was published in A Beautiful Resistance #1: Everything We Already Are and I contributed poetry and articles to the web-site. However due to burn-out from attempting to work in an admin job, continue writing and take on local political issues I went through a period of retreat. This was broken by a dream that young people who had turned from capitalism in search of the sacred would arrive on the Lancashire coast to hear the stories of this land and its deities.

Because I had retreated and because I have a great admiration for Rhyd’s work and the writing of other Gods & Radicals authors, I was surprised and very honoured to receive the opportunity to edit the journal.

I took this as a call to re-engage and as a wonderful way to serve the radical pagan community and our gods and revolutionary ancestors. As an awenydd I see my role to be binding the submissions into a vision of beauty that shines against the horrors of capitalism and forms a source of joy and hope for the future.

The submissions guidelines are HERE. I’m looking forward to reading the contributions. As a poet who has received a good number of alienating rejection letters, I’m grateful to be working in a position where I’m encouraged to provide feedback and help for new writers.

Many thanks to Rhyd and all the good people at Gods & Radicals for this opportunity and best wishes to all for a bright and hope-filled new year.


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