Brythonic Resources Page

Brythonic BooksFollowing receiving a comment enquiring about books on Brythonic mythology, I have started putting together a list of Brythonic resources (in print and on-line) HERE. Aside from the ‘primary sources’ and ‘secondary sources’ discussing them there is isn’t an awful lot of literature with a primarily Brythonic focus. However, information about Brythonic traditions can be found in texts on the Celts, Druidry and the Bardic Tradition. In contrast to other contemporary ‘pagan’ religions such as Heathenry and Gaelic, Roman, Greek and Kemetic polytheisms there is a dearth of material on Brythonic polytheism and individual Brythonic gods and goddesses. If anybody knows of any resources I haven’t mentioned please let me know and I will add them to the list.