Gods & Radicals Journal ~ Samhain ~ Pre-sales

G & R Journal‘The Gods&Radicals Journal is a twice-yearly print collection of smart, dream-soaked words collected against the horror of Capitalism and towards the beauty of the world thereafter.

Featuring the works of poets, essayists, photographers, and illustrators from North America, Europe, and the South Pacific, our first issue will be released 1 November, 2015, printed and bound in full-color.’

Pre-sales and subscriptions are available through indiegogo HERE.

I’ve submitted an edited version of an article on ‘Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston’ previously published on the G&R site, a poem called ‘Devil’s Bagpipes on Stoneygate’ about Richard Arkwright’s role in in the creation of England’s ‘dark Satanic mills’ and a poem called ‘Four Wells’ which I originally sent to Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee as a way of protesting against fracking. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the hard work of anti-capitalist pagan writers who have been involved with G&R in print.

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