Coventina’s Well by Crychydd

On ‘The Path of the Awenydd’, Crychydd has shared a post about his visit to Coventina’s Well (HERE). Coventina was a Romano-British water goddess. Crychydd tells us her only identified sacred site in Britain is a well in Carrawburgh. Coins, incense burners and votive stones with inscriptions now housed in the museum at Chester’s Fort show she was highly venerated. However since then her well has been dug out for iron ore and lies unmarked and neglected.

Crychydd says: ‘Stories of the ill-treatment of wells or their guardians, often with dire consequences, are common enough in myth and folklore to suggest that such neglect serves as an icon for the abandonment of the world of the gods and of a life lived alongside them.’

In this post Crychydd describes his journey to Coventina’s Well (which he finds with effort through personal intuition and connection) and his devotions to Coventina. I’m sharing this post with the hope of inspiring others to share the story of Coventina’s well, to share her name and remember her as a goddess of living waters.



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