Litany of the Meadows on Gods & Radicals

There is a link here to my recent post on Gods & Radicals ‘Litany of the Meadows’. Following the UK government’s recent decision to lift the ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids for 5% of our oil-seed rape crops I offer a brief article and sequence of poems giving voice to the intrinsic value of meadows and bees, their worth to the gods and the threat of their extinction.

Do check out the posts from other pagan writers united in beautiful resistance to capitalism. Also, the very first Gods & Radicals journal will be released at Samhain this year. They are currently looking for submissions of words and images (deadline 15th September). More info here and details of how to subscribe coming soon…

One thought on “Litany of the Meadows on Gods & Radicals

  1. R Cawkwell says:

    I’ve just read it; very inspiring. I knew something was going on, I read an article in last week’s New Scientist (I think – my brain is a bit scrambled at the minute) about the NFU request. I’m going to write something about it myself because I like bees.

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