Commissioned Poetry: “Gwyn ap Nudd and Cyledr Wyllt”

This is a fascinating poem from the author at ‘Aedicula Antinoi’ exploring the story of Gwyn ap Nudd and Cyledyr Wyllt. An important thread for me is the etymological relationship between Cyledyr, Cellydon, the gwyllon and the destruction of Cellydon (the Caledonian forest).

It also intrigued me that Gwyn appears as a god who presides over the cauldron and the Awen, in particular Awen won for a terrible price. There are no explicit references in Brythonic literature to him possessing this role, but it accords with my UPG and with the etymological link between Gwyn and Fionn who is a warrior poet and seer deeply connected with Imbas. Part of the rite depicted here is based upon Imbas forosnai.

It is great to see strictly rhymed and metrical poetry being written for the purpose of honouring such an ancient and important tale. And many thanks to sidhebecomesknight for commissioning the piece.


4 thoughts on “Commissioned Poetry: “Gwyn ap Nudd and Cyledr Wyllt”

    1. Thanks for sharing your name. I couldn’t find it on your site. I think I may stick to P.S.V.L. ! I see you published a poem in the Mandragora anthology (just read the review on Gods & Radicals).

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