Song for the Nine

This is a song for the nine
who stood against fracking:
the nine who stood firm
the nine who stood
against the tyrants’ gall.

This is a song for the nine
who stood for land and people:
Little Plumpton,
democracy and hope.

This is a song for the nine
who stood for Lancashire:
clean rivers,
unfractured land,
our children free from harm.

This is a song for the nine
the nine we will remember
for standing firm
standing for us
in centuries of song.


This song came to me near whole and of its own accord the morning after Cuadrilla’s proposal to frack at Little Plumpton was refused by Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee 9-4 (2 abstained).

I e-mailed it to Peter Dillon, who was also involved in the protests. He told me that night he’d dreamt of a tune. With a few tweaks it fit the wording perfectly and  wasn’t far off the tune I had when the song came to me.

I’ve sent a copy with a thank you e-mail to the nine at Devcon today. We may be singing it somewhere in Preston soon.


7 thoughts on “Song for the Nine

  1. Amazing that you wrote the lyrics while your friend dreamed the tune…..very auspiciously bardic!! Something more to celebrate besides the no to fracking vote!!

  2. You’ll not be surprised that I find the links between songs/tunes and where we get them from particularly interesting. I’d love to hear it – how about putting it on Youtube or Soundcloud when you get together with the others involved to sing it?

    1. Steve, I thought if you saw this, you would probably recognise it as a ‘getting found by a song’ moment! If we manage to record it will give you a heads up 🙂

  3. And speaking of victories over petrochemical interests! I’ve got my fingers crossed that the British citizenry continues to show such good sense. Congratulations!

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