Lancashire Says FRACK OFF!

After a tense five days the people of Lancashire win their fight against fracking and for democracy.


Mr Frackhead
“I’m going to frack here! I’m going to frack there! I’m going to frack every-fracking-where!”– Mr Frackhead

It has been a fraught five days in Lancashire. On Tuesday 23rd of June decisions amongst fifteen members of Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee began on Cuadrilla’s applications to drill and hydraulically fracture (frack) four wells at Roseacre and Little Plumpton on Preston New Road. Beforehand Mr Perigo (the Senior Planning Officer for LCC) had suggested Roseacre be refused and Little Plumpton should go ahead.

On the Tuesday I was part of a crowd of protestors who gathered outside Preston’s County Hall. Preston New Road Action Group, Roseacre Awareness Group, Frack Free Lancashire and Friends of the Earth came together with numerous other anti-fracking and environmental groups and local individuals to stand against Cuadrilla’s application.

I had to leave on Tuesday afternoon because I had taken temporary admin work that demanded…

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3 thoughts on “Lancashire Says FRACK OFF!

  1. gwynn says:

    Great decision-a lot of thanks are due to a lot of people like yourself who got involved- I think there might be an appeal but I’m a pessimist -and if it goes on with local resistance the Tories might loosen/centralise planning still further-well done Preston-feels like its the centre of the world as fatewould have it-FoE have a petition to Dave Cameron to sign -guess you’re already on to it-but its on the FoE site if you’re interested -wow, Preston is the coolest town in Europe right now

    • lornasmithers says:

      Yes, it’s pretty certain there will be an appeal. FoE have done an awesome job both at the protests and in raising money for alternative legal advice. I’m hoping to get down to their next Central Lancs meeting next week.

  2. Nimue Brown says:

    here’s hoping the appeal is seen off just as effectively. I see The Sun have printed some hysteria and misinformation about how great, safe and good for the poor fracking will be, but I don’t think as many people are buying it as they were. The image of that poisoned land in Texas will haunt me…. and I’m probably not the only one.

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