Four Wells

Four wells at Preston New Road.
Four wells at Roseacre.
Four wells in the darkness
between drilling and decision.

Four wells of steel meets shale.
Four wells boring into the mind.
Four wells of screaming poison.
Four wells of deadly sands of time.

Four wells where gas the question
scorches ears of invisible skies.
Four wells? An uneasy whisper
from underworld gods.

Four wells to decide the future.
Four wells of choice. Four wells of trembling.
By the word on four wells our land
will be saved or destroyed.


This is a poem I sent to Lancashire County Council’s Development Management Group along with more logical reasons why I am opposed to Caudrilla’s drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of four wells at Preston New Road and Roseacre. Protests at the County Hall will be beginning tomorrow (Wed 23rd June) as LCC make their final decision about Caudrilla’s application. For more information on how to register opposition by e-mail and join the protest see Frack Free Lancashire’s website.

Sign for fracking protest

Below are some photos from when I visited the potential fracking site at Preston New Road. The area is cordoned off and anti-trespassing notices are in place. It looks like work has already been done to prepare it for the drilling rig.

Edwina Walk, Penwortham Live 022 - CopyPreston New RoadEdwina Walk, Penwortham Live 028 - CopyEdwina Walk, Penwortham Live 054 - Copy

8 thoughts on “Four Wells

  1. stormwiseraven says:

    I wish you and your community good luck and success with the upcoming decision – if a difference is to be made by appealing to the spirits and consciences of those responsible for the decision, I believe your poem would certainly have tipped the balance. I don’t even live there, and my hackles were raised to see the pictures showing that the ‘development’ of the land has already begun … someone certainly seems to think the decision has already been made, and I hope they are proven wrong.

  2. gwynn says:

    Great poem-its such a key issue for the Ribble area and ultimately for the UK as a whole-really liked your recent article re bees-II guess you’re well aware of the Friends of the Earth campaigns about bees and fracking-some of the local groups will be over to Preston this week-keep enjoying your blog but not had time till recently to comment-really helpful to get a deeper siritual view of what is going on and what matters

  3. Charlotte Hussey says:

    Really applaud how you are combining poetry and political protest as concerns fracking. Lovely cow picture too, but it gave me a bit of a sad tug to think how it could effect even them…

  4. Catriona McDonald says:

    I’m so sorry that you’re in a place where the poem is needed. It reminds me of the rhythm in Tolkein’s One Ring inscription, and lends extra urgency. I’ll beat the anti-fracking drum for you and your lands.

  5. M.A. Rivera says:

    I’m not familiar with the specific issue being discussed here however I do know about fracking and all the bad things (as I refer to them). I can’t say that I’m ‘amazed’ that people continue to pursue projects like this when there’s more than ample evidence that shows they’re just not good but it’s still a bit disheartening. On another note, your poem is very appropriate: a foreboding and tension of sorts really comes through. Also has a ‘Celtic’ feel to it. Blessings.

  6. lornasmithers says:

    Thank you everybody for your support and good wishes. Roseacre was voted against 15-0. A proposal to make a refusal to Caudrilla was put forward but rejected 7 – 7 with the chairman making the casting vote. This was after some legal advice, which the councillors have asked for time to reflect on. The decision will now be made tomorrow at 10am. Lots of us will be heading down there for between 8.30am and 9am to do all we can to persuade the councillors not to go ahead.

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