If you’re not telling your story then who is?

A affirmative and uplifting piece from Nina George. Much needed!

breathing fire into who we are


It came to me in a dream one morning. I woke up thinking one word. I thought:


I started to think about visible versus hidden and I knew that it was very important. I woke up thinking that it was THE answer. I didn’t really know why, I just knew.

Why then? Why is visibility the key?

Visible – because when our wounds are hidden, they can be used against us, in obvious or more subtle ways. If we are ashamed about it, we can have an ‘Achilles heel’ way of thinking about it. Of course we should go underground when our wounds are fresh. Tend to them. Go slow. Be gentle. Lick them, or get cared for by our tribe. At these times, surround yourself with care and those who care.  When our wounds are healed, we may have a scar for the rest of our lives that…

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4 thoughts on “If you’re not telling your story then who is?

  1. Very synchronistic post for me, as I am working on my throat chakra in a Kundalini dance course I am taking. I have been hiding as a poet recently because my “pagan-orientation” isn’t a fit with the mainstream in Montreal. Am working to overcome this and also to observe every time I apologize for one of my poems and for much else that I do, in order to stop apologizing for my very existence. My mantra: I am fearlessly expressing my creativity as a poet/dancer.

    1. Loving your mantra… interestingly I made a similar commitment this new moon… and, as someone whose name I regrettably forget said, never iron, never apologise…

    2. I know how you feel, Charlotte. My poetry doesn’t fit in with the local or contemporary poetry scene at all. Yet I know if I don’t stand by what I believe in, no-one else is going to do it! So congratulations on your mantra and hope it carries you forward with confidence in free and fearless expression of your creativity. Having read and been inspired by so much of your work you have nothing to apologise for and everything to be proud of.

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