‘Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston’ published on Gods & Radicals

Lune St riots
‘Preston attack on the Military: two rioters shot’, Illustrated London News, 13 August, 1842

A link to my article ‘Industrialisation and Radicalism in Preston’ on Gods & Radicals can be found here. It traces the origins of industrialisation to Richard Arkwright’s invention of the water frame on Stoneygate in Preston and the development of radical movements such as Luddism and Chartism which opposed mechanisation, long working hours and poor pay. The article ends with comments about how both industrialisation and opposition to it continue in Preston today with the City Deal developments, the threat of fracking and anti-fracking protests. Do check it out, and take a look at the excellent writings from other authors striving to find ways of resisting capitalism beautifully.


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