Protest in Context; a (non-technical) astrological note in the wake of the 2015 U.K. election. .

A fascinating article by Brian Taylor exploring the astrological effects of Pluto transiting the Moon on ‘The Astrology of the Collective’.

Brian says: The Moon in a nation’s chart is said to represent the people (the masses), and might be expected to reflect conditions for women, and for children. The U.K’s Moon, at the top of the chart, in the public tenth house, has been linked to our tradition of parliamentary democracy, but could also be read as an image of a people uprooted from the land… Pluto’s major transits signify (and perhaps unleash) periods of turbulence, power struggles, death (symbolic or physical) and destruction, and if conditions are favourable and things go well, transformation and renewal. They may also indicate material interventions such as mining, or demolition and rebuilding.’

In the wake of the general election he suggests difficult times are approaching and this is shown by a transit between Pluto and the Moon that shows ‘a continuation of the visceral impulse toward independence’. He also looks at ‘comparable transits.’

The sequence of historic transits Brian identifies is most uncanny for me as a female Scorpio who venerates a god of the underworld and has spent the last month researching the influence of Richard Arkwright on the Industrial Revolution and the Luddite and Chartist movements in Lancashire and Preston and the continuation of protest in the anti-fracking demonstrations at the County Hall today.

Some very important insights here! Particularly in the context of ‘collaborating with the divine’ to ‘resist injustice and ecological destruction, and try to create ‘more interesting, ingenious, and loving’ worlds’.

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In the wake of a troubling general election I wanted to see what the astrological ‘weather forecast’ for the U.K. looked like over the next few years.  We don’t need astrological help to see difficulties ahead, of course, but astrology can deepen our appreciation of the cyclic nature of time, and might just enable us to ‘collaborate with the divine’ a bit more effectively as we resist injustice and ecological destruction, and try to create ‘more interesting, ingenious, and loving’ worlds.(1)

In order to illustrate this claim I want to focus on one major upcoming transit* -the passage of Pluto, ‘Lord of the Underworld’, opposite the U.K’s Moon (both circled yellow below), in a commonly used chart for the date of legal union between Great Britain and Ireland (2).  This transit will gradually build, augmented during 2016 by Uranus squaring the U.K. Moon, suggesting a continuation of the visceral impulse…

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One thought on “Protest in Context; a (non-technical) astrological note in the wake of the 2015 U.K. election. .

  1. Gwynn

    Hi Lorna, Not sure that I can relate to the astrology here but certainly a great event- fantastic that you’re so into Anti Fracking, Chartists and Richard Arkwright and keep enjoying all your stuff re: the Old North

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