It’s that time of year again peeps! (Elderflower Champagne Recipe from Cymrae’s Corner)

As the elder comes into flower, just what I was looking for- a recipe for elderflower champagne. Just missing the corked bottles… looks like I will have to get drinking some cheap champagne or bottled beer with a cork…

Cymraes's Corner

Elderflower Champagne Elderflower Champagne (Photo credit: swan-scot)

I’ve made delicious Elderflower Champagne since I was in my teens, and indeed my late Grandmother made it in copious amounts for years too. So it’s a family tradition to brew this most summery of country wines at this time of year. Something both my children and I look forward to all year round is sipping Elderflower Champagne in the garden, come midsummer – it’s better than pimms!

The recipe I use, comes from a faded old copy of perhaps the best country wine making book ever printed:

Home Made Country Wines: Beer, Mead, and Metheglin. Tried and Tested Recipes collected by The Farmers Weekly.” Complied by Dorothy Wise and first published in 1955!

My copy is dated 1979 and I think the book is still available on Amazon! Imnsho it is the only book you will ever need if you decide to…

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2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again peeps! (Elderflower Champagne Recipe from Cymrae’s Corner)

  1. I really wanted this to be the year I made elderflower champagne! But all the elders around here are afflicted with blackfly :/ Ah well, perhaps I can venture further afield and find some healthier trees to harvest! Having just discovered the Tranmere Home Brew Centre up the road from us, it would be a shame not to.

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