“everything breathes the revolutionary spirit” by Nina George

for albert spies

now is our time, we rise, we grow,

those voices strangled on mayday,

silent resolve most powerful

of bright green emancipation.

we force through, we a tidal wave,

come summer, come the early spring

that we may swell to our full height

to die, hunker over winter,

we the green fuse that refuses.

Bluebells by Nina George* A poem by Nina George which captures the revolutionary energy of this time of year tying the green fuse of rising life with the origins of May Day in International Workers Day. Albert Spies was one of the leaders of the demonstration for the eight hour working day on Haymarket Square on May 4th 1886. This resulted in him being hung.

On her blog Nina cites some of the lines in his address to the court which inspired her poem: “Revolutions are no more made than earthquakes and cyclones. Revolutions are the effect of certain causes and conditions.” Another line I would like to add in the context of Nina drawing on his words is “the day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today.”

The original poem with more about Nina’s creative processes (this is the 30th poem she has written for napowrimo) along with lots other good stuff can be found on breathing fire into who we are.

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