She Walks Between Worlds and Lovers (Calan Mai)

It is summer in this-world when she is here
winter in this-world without her.
In Gwythyr’s arms she is Lady Life:
coming to be as the first snowdrop
purple yellow crocuses are her slippers
pink red primroses her cloak. Her smile
her lips are daffodils’ long trumpets.
May flowers weave her grassy hair
as she embraces this-world’s ruler.
In dewy glades Creiddylad is May Queen
in sacred marriage headdress a veil of hawthorn
wedding dress woven from wood anemone
wood sorrel she lies with him in woodlands
of bluebells starwort becoming buzzing fields
heliotropic gaze of ox-eye daisies poppies
face alive with vibrant butterflies and bees
exulting in the dance of pollen’s gold dust
until the seasons turn and cold winds come
she sees her time in this-world is over
and walks between worlds and lovers.

Blubells and Starwort


5 thoughts on “She Walks Between Worlds and Lovers (Calan Mai)

  1. Beautiful May poem!! Love that you are writing about Gwythyr’s mate…..The photo adds so much as well. Hope all is well. I finish teaching on Monday…..poetry will be back in my life, soon, soon… And this delicately rendered poem is inspiring me in that direction. Much thanks for it…XOX

  2. Sensuously realised essence of the season here – putting into verse the argument of the previous post and bringing it truly alive.

  3. This is a lovely and evocative poem, Lorna. I love the images of flowers and the colours I see when reading the words. It captures the brief raptures of Spring and of Creiddylad.

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