Nodding Avens

In the blackness of burgundy a peachy smile,
a fiery haze, the subtle knowing
a nod has the power to change the universe.

4.2 Water Avens


4 thoughts on “Nodding Avens

  1. I presume these are the same as Water Avens (Geum rivale) which do indeed nod. I saw huge banks of them on a mountainside in Norway

    1. Yes 🙂 I think they’re also the same nodding flowers as in James Bowker’s lines:

      ‘To the home of elf and fay,
      To the land of nodding flowers,
      To the land of Ever Day
      Where all things own the Fay Queen’s powers,
      Mortal come away!’

      (And maybe even connected with the land of Nod!)

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